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    JK media

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    However we can do more than these things. It depend on concretely type of order. Please contact our company!

About us

Startup business JK media was preparing about 3 years. The idea came while I was studying at the Business Academy in Most. For many years I have been interested in design, the visual style (corporate identity), society, exhibitions, etc. So I decided to create „JK media“.

Interest in design, the visual style and exhibitions started in childhood. I attended art school F.L Gassmann Most - fine arts for 12 years. In my work, I try to think on things to the last detail. This gives the client a space for their activities.

While studying at the Business Academy in Most, I was part of a fictitious company DEVELOP MOST (a fictitious companies more here). In this fictitious company, I worked as a director. Among other things, I had in charge of marketing. I had a very good results in fairs fictitious companies.

After high school, I worked in an advertising agency, which gave me valuable experience.

At work, we place great emphasis on quality. It does not matter if we make design things, participate in marketing activities, preparing an exhibition or we create web. It is important for us not only that you are satisfied you, but so are we to feel good about the work done.

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What we can do to help you?


You need to solve, and to unify the identity of your company? Are you preparing new shop, office or boardroom? For us it is no problem!

Corporate Identity

Graphics design

Products design

Design sales / contact points

Print and digital graphics



In this time are a new trends which changing the scope of marketing. We try to educate, to go with the times and we could offer to you only the best.

Inbound marketing

Outbound marketing

Promotional items


Modern marketing

webdesign webdesign


Need help create a website or redesigning an existing? For us it's no problem. Our created websites are high quality and guarantee a good user properties.

And what we try to meet our websites?

Responsive web Platform. So no problem if a user visits your site from a mobile phone, tablet, TV, etc

Modern technology. At present CSS3 and HTML5

Design that is "in"

Linking with social networks


Do you know who is our satisfied clients? You can see below.

We prepare sample of our work. Coming soon!

Contact Us

You can contact us using email address which is below or using the form.

Most, Česká republika

774 661 055